BEE QSE Verfication

BEE QSE Verfication

A BEE Verification Analyst is meant to verify a scorecard prepared by the entity itself, however due to poor record-keeping and preparation this file is hardly ever ready which leads to delays and getting an external party to assist the entity in preparing the file for verification. Here a few pointers to help you prepare your file in advance:

1. If you make CONTRIBUTIONS TO CHARITABLE CAUSES, you will need to keep proof of donation as well as a gratitude letter from the recipient with the amount and receipt date

2. Ensure that all your EMPLOYEE FILES are up to date and all your employee files have employment contracts, job descriptions and ID copies. It is important to also have a Payroll Journal as well as an updated employee list with their personal and contact information

3. Keep track of all your TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, with details of courses and training as well as the invoices with your proof of payment. You also need to keep certificates of completion for external training. For internal training, an attendance register as well as a payslip of the internal training instructor should be filed. Lastly, your EMP201's will be required for the period under review. This is not just important for BEE Verification purposes but is helpful towards compiling your Annual Training Report for submission to your relevant SETA.

4. To earn recognition for PROCUREMENT SPEND, you will need to request BEE Certificates for all your suppliers and keep a Detailed Suppliers Ledger with invoices which will need to be sampled by the Verification Analyst.

5. MANAGEMENT CONTROL requires a company organogram. In addition, a (PTY) LTD will require minutes of director's and EXCO meetings for the past 12 months under review, as well as attendance registers for those meetings. Director's remuneration as well as job descriptions and signed appointment letters or employment contract.

6. To earn points for OWNERSHIP, a Close Corporation will need to present their Registration Document while a (PTY) LTD will in addition to that need to provide share certificates and ID copies of the shareholders. If there has been a sale of shares, a share sale agreement will be required and further documentation may be requested in support of this.

7. ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT is any monetary or non-monetary contribution towards the development, sustainability and financial and operational independence of a qualifying entity. To earn points for your enterprise development you will need an enterprise agreement between your company and the recipient as well as proof of contribution. You can also claim for early payments for your suppliers that qualify as ED beneficiaries.

Preparing for verification needn't be complicated. To speak to an analyst or for verification, contact us today.